Ending Violence is
Everyone's Responsibility

The Halton Violence Prevention Council (HVPC) works to end violence in all its forms, alleviate its effects, and build an inclusive, egalitarian and healthy community.

Our Story

Halton Violence Prevention Council was formed in 1992 by the Chief of Halton Regional Police Services in response to concern within the community over the violent deaths of two young women. The Chief invited community organizations to form a Council dedicated to ending violence against women and children. Today the committee is supported by MCCSS as part of their provincial violence against women coordinating committees. 

Our Coordinating Role

One of the main roles of HVPC is community coordination. Efforts to end violence must be coordinated within and across service sectors. The focus of the Halton Violence Prevention Council includes strengthening and improving services, identifying gaps in services and increasing safety for victims and their children.

Our prevention focus includes increasing public awareness of all types of family violence. In doing so, the Council aims to change our community’s attitudes and behaviours that lead to violence within families.

Community Support

“Violence has no place in Halton. It has no place in society. It serves no purpose other than to destroy the character of individuals, groups and communities.”

– Halton Regional Chair Gary Carr

Our Partners