Survivor Advocates for Empowerment (SAFE) is a survivor-led organization with a focus on supporting and advocating for survivors of gender-based violence.

SAFE’s mission is to address and prevent specific barriers faced by victims and survivors of gender-based violence, their families, and their friends by providing:

  1. Peer support, discussion groups, outreach programs, and workshops catered to the specific needs of survivors, as identified by survivors.
  2. Educational programs to and consulting with community organizations about gender-based violence from the perspective of survivors with lived experience.

SAFE is about the voice of the survivor; an organization composed of survivors of gender-based violence and their advocates. Pictured here (L>R) are: Olivia Cifarelli, Abarna Nathan, Lorraine Rollo. After coming out of their traumatic experience of violence, they were faced with challenges of navigating ways to safety, while also trying to understand the options available for assistance. They understand what survivors are going through, emotionally, physically, legally, financially and pragmatically.


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