Safety Planning Tool

For People Experiencing Abuse/Violence in their Relationship

Create an individualized safety plan by using all of the standard inserts, and the optional inserts that apply. 

 Review the inventory list and tips insert to create a tool that fits the situation best. 

HVPC booklet folders are available- contact Coordinator at [email protected] 


1.  You can access all inserts by clicking  the Download Inserts button below

2.  For access to just the Optional Inserts, you can click on the download button above the list of optional inserts

3.  You will be forwarded to Dropbox.  You don't need an account to download the inserts

4.  If you are asked to sign-in to dropbox, close that window to get to the download page

5.  Change the view to list or grid in dropbox by clicking on the icon

6.  Download the inserts to your computer/USB where you can have ongoing access to them for printing or sharing

7.  Printing is optional.  If digital copies are preferred, consider changing the name of document  to enhance privacy

8.  You will receive notice when inserts are update

Printing Instructions 

- Inserts are designed to be in booklet format (5.5" x 8.5") to fit into HVPC booklet folder

- Open and print documents using Adobe- default setting should be booklet printing

- Always print on both sides of paper

- Some inserts will need to be folded, while one-page inserts will need to cut to be the correct size

- 2 inserts are in different formats for printing- booklet format on legal paper, or regular format on letter paper

- If not using Adobe- the inserts will be letter size and will need to be folded to fit into the booklet folders

Download Inserts

Standard Inserts

Victim Bill of Rights

Emergency Escape Plan

General Safety Tips

Creating a Safer Home

Safety Products

Assessing Your Safety

Forms of Abuse

Technology/Social Media

Legal: Criminal Court

Financial Assistance


Mental Health

Substance Use

Health Concerns*

Emotional Safety Plan

Red & Green Flags

Halton Resources**

Optional Inserts

Safety Planning for Children

Child Safety Plan

Legal: Family Court**

Safety for Older Persons

Immigrants and Refugees

Honour Based Violence*

Student or Young Person

Rural Living

People with DisAbilities

Supporting  DisAbled People*

LGBTQ+ People

NWAC- Toolkit for Aboriginal Women Escaping Domestic Violence

EAO- Safety Planning for Older Adults in Unhealthy Relationships

* Indicates inserts where workers should review with the survivor to create a detailed and case specific safety plan 

** Inserts can be printed in either booklet format on legal size paper or regular format on letter size paper

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Sexual Violence Safety Planning Tool

Safety plan inserts for survivors of sexual violence are being developed.    

Below are two inserts available for download by pressing the download button above.

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Sex Trafficking & Exploitation

HRPS Victim Services Information Guide for 

Survivors of Sexual Assault